2016 Conference Workshops and Presentations

"Abolitionist Triumvirate: the Conductor, the Poet and the Sojourner in the Age of Emancipation"
Dr. Margaret Washington, Cornell University

"A Glorious Consummation: Col. James Montgomery, Harriet Tubman, and the Combahee River Raid"
David Schafer, National Park Service

“Effect of Slave Catching and Kidnapping on Afrian Americans and the Response of Communities”
Milt Diggins, independent scholar and writer

“The Rev. Samuel Green and his Underground Railroad Network in East New Market, MD”
Bill Jarmon, Herschel Johnson, Mary Dennard Turner, Dorchester area history researchers

“Unsung African American Women Word Warriors”
Lavonda Kay Broadnax, Library of Congress

“Defining Freedom: Maryland's Manumissions and Certificates of Freedom”
Allison Seyler

“They Learn Very Fast: Freedmen's Bureau Schools in the Upper South
Dean Herrin

“Arrival from Hoopserville: James Cain & Harriet Tubman, where Water Moves Us”
Dr. Phillip Hesser, researcher, writer, interpreter, and lecturer

“’Harriet Tubman in the Civil War: Nurse, Scout and Spy”
Nia Kumbia

“Entwined: Robert Bell's Book of Slave Statistics”
Carol M. Maurer

“Message or Myth: Quilts on the Underground Railroad”
Susan Cooke Soderberg

“Laying the Tracks for the Underground Railroad: Warner Miflin's Legacy in Delmarva”
Mike McDowell

“Nature's Story in the Underground Railroad”
Jenny Houghton

“Thomas & Rachel Mendinhall Garrett Family and Faith Connections to Freedom in Pennsylvania”
Robert Seely

“Prisoner S146-The Story of Samuel Green's 1857 Imprisonment in the MD State Penitentiary”
Sharon Davies

“The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center: Past, Present, and Future”
Paterra & Parker

“African American Genealogy: Busting through that 1870 Wall”
S. Pilar Burton

“The Elevator Music to Freedom and Other Journeys”
Sasheild/Johnson Girls

“First Lieutenant William D. Matthews: A Black Officer in the Army of Freedom”
David Schafer

“Emily Saunders Plummer: An Ordinary/Extraordinary Enslaved Woman’s Story”
Ryan & Fowler

“Shoulder Arms! Marching from Wye House to Freedom: A Kellum Family Roll Call, 19th to 21st Century, Talbot County, MD”
Robin Caudell

“Hotbed of Abolitionism: Utica, New York 1833 - 1836”
Deirdre Sinnott

“The Underground Railroad in New York City-The Big Meaning Then, The Big Meaning to Us Now”
Devorah Tarrow

“Pvt. Thomas Woolford in Spite of the Odds”
Clara Small

“Teaching about Slavery through Art and Artifacts”
Kim Cornish

“The Ante-Bellum Black Church in the Anti-Enslavement Resistance”
Ann Bouie

“Free Black Women on Maryland's Eastern Shore: Four Women, Four Stories”
Laura Smith-Weldon

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